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Cuddin Eddie's Products
Dry seasoningFais do do 
is what we call our dry seasoning. A party for your taste buds. A great all-purpose seasoning. 
Pepper relishes
Our unique blend of fresh peppers, carrots and garlic.  A great condiment add to all foods. 
Three varieties (Mild, Medium & Hot)
Our Old-Fashioned BBQ sauce
 Onions, bell pepper and celery are the base ingredients in mom's true cajun style sauce.
Olive Oils 
We offer 5 different varieties of Olive Oil. Jalapeño, Roasted Garlic w/Rosemary & Sun-dried Tomato w/ Basil, Habanero & Chipotle. Saute, baste or use as a bread dipper!

Who is Cuddin Eddie?
We are Eddie and Cindy Darce of Centerville, Louisiana. Both born and raised deep in the heart of Cajun country in south Louisiana. Cuddin Eddie's began in 2006 with a crop of garden fresh peppers grown in our own backyard. Since that time, we've added our Louisiana barbeque sauce (mom's secret recipe), olive oils, including our jalapeno olive oil and a dry seasoning to our product line. We no longer grow all of the fresh peppers for our relish, but we do use ALL fresh ingredients in our relishes and cajun barbecue sauce. Nothing dehydrated here! 

Whether you are a pepper-head (like Cuddin Eddie) or have a tamer palate (like Cindy), we have something to suit your taste.

About Our Products

Our Spicy Pepper Relish is one of our original products and is made with a blend of peppers, carrots and garlic in a vinegar base. We offer three varieties of our pepper relish; mild, medium and hot! Habanero peppers we use add a smoky chipotle flavor to our medium and hot varieties. 

Our Louisiana barbecue sauce - Onions, bell pepper and celery are the base ingredients in mom's true cajun style sauce. So good some people love it as a dip. 

Our olive oils are a huge hit! Choose between our Jalapeno, Habanero & Chipotle olive oils.  Our Roasted garlic with rosemary olive oil, Sun-dried tomato and basil olive oil all made with Greek extra virgin olive oil. What does this mean to you??? It means you can cook, baste or use as a bread dipper, need we say more?! 

Fais do do is what we call our special blend of dry seasoning. Made with oleoresin (oil of the spice), it is uniquely perfect as an all-purpose seasoning. So enough about us, tell us about you. Browse through and tell us what you like. We are always looking for new serving suggestions.

For more information about any of our products feel free to call us our visit our About Our Products page!

Our old fashioned barbeque sauce was the 1st place winner at the 2011 NOLA Gourmet Food Show!